Welcome from Robert Fleming, Director of Development

After only a few days in St Andrews, I started hearing students refer to the place as “the Bubble.”

It didn’t take long to figure out what that meant. While the name has something to do with the water and wind that make up the unique St Andrews meteorology, it refers more intentionally to the safe, protected and somewhat rarefied environment students experience here – one they sometimes find a little small but which, I hope they would admit, allows them to explore new ideas, make close friends and grow. Sometimes boundaries encourage creativity and innovation. I think they do in St Andrews.

Hence the name of our blog, IncomparaBubble.

You may be wondering, why a blog now – in the final year of the 600th Anniversary? Well, we want to blog about what should be a spectacular final year of the 600th Anniversary, about our ambitious fundraising campaign goal and about how gifts from alumni and parents can make a huge impact on the St Andrews student experience, from scholarships to facilities to extraordinary academic staff.

We also want to blog about the fabulous people we get to meet, alumni who are going the extra mile for their university. And most of all, we really wanted to write a blog about the University students and staff who inspire our work. We thought you might wonder what they are busy getting up to!

With all of that in mind, we have put together a calendar of posts designed to share glimpses into the life of the St Andrews community as it celebrates its 600th birthday.

If you’re interested in learning more or supporting the programmes you’re reading about, after each post we’ll share some ideas about how you can get involved in the activities and the campaign itself.

I feel privileged to launch this final celebratory year with a university at the top of the league tables, Principal and Campaign Board who believe in our goal and the most committed alumni and parents in the UK. This campaign is about all of us, and I hope that our stories over the next year give you a glimpse into what that means to us. I know we are biased, but it is the best university in the world!

Bubble on.

Best wishes,

Robert Fleming
Director of Development