How to find your alumni family

By Sophia Zengierski, alumna, English (Hons), 2012

Recently, I was able to reconnect with a favourite musical, Into the Woods, and I realized it spoke to the St Andrean lifestyle. There are, as they say, “giants in the sky,” and I’m pretty sure fourth-years still write about them in Viewpoint, the Saint’s Op/Ed section. But, as St Andreans (particularly those of us very far from Scotland), here’s what we should remember – “someone is on your side, no one is alone.”

I admit it was something I’d forgotten myself well into my first few months back in New York. But I was lucky. Through the vast amount of 600th Anniversary events, I found the University of St Andrews Alumni Club of New York – kind of by accident – and in them, a new family.

We host several events throughout the year, beginning with the Welcoming Reception in theNew York Club 2 fall and ranging from casual gatherings to participating in the Tartan Day Parade. Club membership also qualifies you for membership to the Princeton Club of New York, which can quickly become a place of respite after a long day at the office.

While we’d like to think we do all of this in style, that’s only the half of it. Since participating in these events and becoming Membership Secretary for the Club, I’ve met some truly fabulous peers. I’ve worked with people who graduated when I was only considering the University, and I’ve conversed with parents of current students. Sure, there’s an age gap and we’re all at different points in our lives and careers, but fundamentally we’re St Andreans and that’s a hell of a lot to have in common.New York Club 1

I love this city. I love it quite possibly more than any place in the world, but with my St Andrews family here on my side, I love it all the more. And for anyone headed our way, I think you will too.

For more information on the University of St Andrews Alumni Club of New York, visit our website or Facebook page, or contact Sophie on  Wondering about alumni clubs in other cities?  Check out the complete list!


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