Fourth year? Bring it on.

by Elaine Flowers, fourth-year student studying English

Fourth year - authorIt’s not every Freshers’ Week that includes a speech by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Not every Freshers’ Week has a huge fireworks display at the end (although the student population seems to be petitioning for that to be an annual occurrence). But for me, the most extraordinary thing about this Freshers’ week was a 2am text from my academic daughter exclaiming, “Guess what, Mummy? You’re a great Aunt!!”

This text shouldn’t have surprised me; this is my final year at St Andrews and I should be prepared for great nieces and even grandchildren from my own academic children (who can’t wait till third year to adopt). As I write this, I can’t tell what I’m dreading more: my dissertation deadline or being called ‘Grandmummy.’  Am I ready to start my final year? Yes. Fourth year - Prince William

Will I be ready to leave St Andrews in nine months’ time? I’m not too sure about that yet. It seems like just yesterday that I was a fresher meeting Prince William on North Street as he launched the 600th Anniversary celebrations. Now, as the final year of celebrations coincides with my final year of essays, Anglo-Saxon vocab quizzes and dips in the North Sea, I can only say one thing: bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Fourth year? Bring it on.

  1. Phil Davies says:

    Work (just) hard (enough), but play hard in your 4th year. 20 years on, you’ll wonder what you did with all the free time and opportunities!!

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