My journey with Development

“Hello, my name is Jeannette Viens and I am a current student calling on behalf of the University of St Andrews…”

Jeannette blog post

With that phrase, I began my time as a caller for the University 600th phone campaign and started my involvement with the University Development Office. I participated in five phone campaigns, calling alumni in the UK, Europe, and North America to talk to them about their lives beyond St Andrews, about their fondest memories of university, and about our hope to continuously improve for our future generations of students through a number of different projects.

Now, as the Annual Giving Intern, I am on the other side of the campaign. I assist in planning, gathering information, and double-checking data for our upcoming Autumn Campaign. With my small role in the Development Office, I am hoping to help ensure this year’s callers have as much support and as much fun as I did during my campaigns.

Interning for the Development Office offers an opportunity to gain professional experience without compromising my studies or extracurricular activities. I am able to not only work on my degree, but also advance my fundraising, development, and administration skills; all of which are applicable in any future career whether I am working for a large corporation or a small non-governmental organisation (NGO). Alongside this, I have also had training with different computer applications and programs, have obtained basic website layout and design abilities, and have enhanced my editing skills.

My time with the Development Office, both as a caller and as an intern, has given me new insight in to the University, but also reaffirmed something I already expected to be true, that the dedication of the people connected to St Andrews – student, staff, parent or graduate – is always exceptional.


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