Introducing the 2016/17 Sabbatical Officers

It’s been over a month since the 2016/17 Sabbaticals took office, and they have been taking advantage of a quiet Students’ Union and Athletic Union to plan and prepare for the year ahead. Naomi Boon, current Alumni Relations intern in the Development Office, caught up with the new sabbs to see what they expect from the year ahead…

5 sabs

Photo courtesy of Tommy Rowe

Sabbatical Officers 2016/17 (From left to right) Jack Carr, Director of Representation, Charlotte Andrew, Association President, Taryn O’Connor, Director of Events and Services, Caroline Christie, Director of Student Development and Activities & Ben Peddie, Athletic Union President.


Photo courtesy of Lightbox Creative St Andrews

Final plans for Freshers’ Week are coming together and with the line-up being announced via the official Facebook page, excitement is building. From September, the Union will be packed with hundreds of excited students, getting their first experience of St Andrews.


Photo courtesy of St Andrews Students’ Association

Taryn, Director of Events and Services, has organised GLITTERBALL 2016 which sold out in just a few minutes with online sales, and has been heavily involved in the Just So society and The St Andrews Revue, making her very experienced in events management.

She is looking forward to working alongside the students this year, to be able to share innovative ideas and bring new acts to the Students’ Association. However, she acknowledges that her biggest challenge is to please everyone- to offer a diverse range of entertainment and events in which all students feel comfortable participating.

For Athletic Union President Ben, it’s an exciting time to be joining the team at the Sports Centre. As a keen rugby player, he is looking forward to this year’s Scottish Varsity Match at Murrayfield, where it is expected that upwards of 10000 students, friends and alumni from both St Andrews and Edinburgh University will attend.

varsity for sabb blog

Photo Courtesy of Saints Sport

One key aspect of Ben’s manifesto was his intention to develop a ‘fan culture’ within the student body, creating more opportunities to watch sport in St Andrews. Next semester will see a new series of Wednesday Night Lights fixtures, aiming to bring students out to the Sports Centre on a Wednesday evening to watch a variety of different sports.

4 sabs

Photo courtesy of Tommy Rowe

Charlotte, Association President, is feeling positive about the year ahead. Her key focus areas will include Widening Access initiatives and increasing the amount of University-managed accommodation, as well as working on her policies centred on alumni, the environment and national representation.

Director of Representation, Jack, will focus on having the student voice heard, particularly in terms of increased study spaces, and to improve support within academic schools for students with extenuating circumstances.

Caroline, Director of Student Development and Activities, was last year’s On the Rocks Festival Director. Her intentions for the year include being available for drop-in sessions, launching the student volunteer portal to recognise students for their devotion to extra-curricular activity, and to work with the Careers Centre to expand opportunities based around student activities, in charity, sport and the arts.

We wish each of the sabbatical officers all the best for the coming academic year!

We are keen to hear from former Sabbatical Officers so please do get in touch at we would love to hear stories from your time in office, and any words of wisdom you had to impart on our newbies!



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