The R&A Ransome Scholarship: Funding Excellence

The Dr. Ernest L Ransome III Scholarship was initially established in 1994 as a way for the friends and associates of Ernest Ransome to recognise his commitment to philanthropy, education and athletics.

The scholarship’s mission is to enrich the experience of deserving postgraduate students by affording them the opportunity to attend the University of St Andrews. Due to the generous support of our wonderful donors, the R&A Ransome Scholarship has helped fund the full course of study for deserving students entering a one-year postgraduate course.

One such R&A Ransome Scholarship recipient is Imogen Hawley, from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. She is one of the three 2016/2017 postgraduate recipients and is completing a MSc in Global Health Implementation.

Imogen completed her undergraduate degree here in Social Anthropology and proved to be a highly active member of the St Andrews community. Now, she speaks on her experiences here as a postgrad:

Imogen Hawley

Imogen Hawley

“Though just a snapshot, this description of a day in my life encompasses much of my experience in St Andrews so far. After running twenty miles, I defend a policy on tuberculosis diagnostic methods used in sub-Saharan Africa during a tutorial. Later on, I attend a postgraduate executive forum, representing the Global Health Implementation course.

Well after the sun has set, I find myself in the Union café, reading about social franchising in maternal health organisations. My reading is interrupted by an email appearing in my inbox: a message informing me that the bake sale that I had held earlier in the week had raised £70 for Women’s Rights Initiative in Uganda.

I smile, warm with the feeling of being able to make a difference globally – even from this small fishing village tucked away on the eastern shore of Scotland.

The breadth of my course has kept me continuously curious, exploring a vast range of topics and theories. I have been able to develop practical skills in coursework and tutorial presentations, applying my knowledge to real world situations.

When I’m not studying or writing essays, I spend time volunteering, running and spending time around town with new friends.  I have also been involved in student affairs as a class representative, helping make improvements to the course curriculum as well as planning guest lectures and possible fieldtrips.

All of this is complemented by St Andrews’ unique environment, fostering academic prestige and ambition in a small, beautiful town on the sea.

I am confident that my experience in St Andrews this year has shaped the rest of my life – not only with brighter career prospects but also with stronger friendships and new perspectives. This formative opportunity would not be possible without the help of the R&A Ransome Scholarship, and for that I am extremely grateful.”

For more information about the R&A Ransome Scholarship and ways to donate, please visit or for further information about making a gift in support of scholarships at St Andrews please visit



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