Mermaids at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

In what is now a well-established tradition, several groups of St Andrews students will be heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. With original student writing featuring more predominantly than ever before, there are no rights-required plays being performed. Summer intern 3rd year student Caroline McWilliams tells us more.

Atlas 2016.jpg

Atlas, 2016 production

Mermaids Performing Arts Fund is funding five plays, all of which are student-written. Atlas by the Brothers Liebmiller (Class of 2017) tells the story of Issac Newton, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke and Edmund Halley and a wager that changed the world of science forever. After an acclaimed run in St Andrews in 2016, this humorous play is transferring to theSpace on North Bridge (Venue 36) under the direction of Alexander Gillespie (Class of 2017).

Commons written by Elliot Douglas (Class of 2019) tells the story of the romance between an MP and the rent boy he employs.  Highly original, thought-provoking and at times hilarious, this play will also be performed at theSpace on North Bridge (Venue 36).

Pistorius 2016.jpg

Pistorius: A Shakespearean Tragedy, 2016 production

After a sell-out, highly-acclaimed performance in St Andrews in Spring 2016 as part of the Shakespeare Festival, Pistorius: A Shakespearean Tragedy, written by Issac Mayne (Class of 2017) is the story of the trial of Oscar Pistorius written in iambic pentameter. This play will be performed at Greenside @ Infirmary Street (Venue 236).

Sonder Theatre in collaboration with Mermaids presents Rock and Hunt, written by MLitt Creative Writing student Helena Jacques-Morton (MA 2016). Telling the story of six interwoven characters, this play explores the themes of love, sex, alcoholism, life and death. It will be performed at Paradise in the Vault (Venue 29).

Polaris 2017.jpg

Polaris, 2017 production

Student writer and poet Hannah Raymond-Cox (Class of 2017) presents her one woman show Polaris. She tells the story of one woman’s search for community in the face of chaos. This show is part of PBH’s Free Fringe and will be performed at 52 Canoes (Grassmarket) (Venue 366).

Blind Mirth 2016.jpg

Blind Mirth

Also returning to the Fringe is Blind Mirth performing both their short and long form games. With improvised comedy anything could happen and nothing can be predicted. Described as “brilliantly random” by the, this show will be performed at theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39).

Also heading to the Fringe are some of St Andrews most beloved a cappella groups including The Other Guys, The Belles & Beaus, The Accidentals and The Alleycats. With the popularity of a cappella, you are advised to buy your tickets early.

The Other Guys 2017.jpg

The Other Guys, 2017

Alumni at the Fringe

St Andrews and Blind Mirth alumna Charlie V. Martin will be making her solo comedy debut with “Dante’s History of the Banished“.
Improv, stand-up and puppets all feature in this show about history and literature’s most famous exiles.
(It also wins the best use of a red gown post-graduation!) See a clip on Youtube


Dante’s History of the Banished

Dr. Xela Batchelder (class of 1996) is doing 2 events at the Fringe.
One is a talk, “The Edinburgh Fringe as a Classroom,” which is being held at C Venues C Royale, (Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22 George Street) on August 9th at 10.00 AM.
The other is the University Professors at the Fringe Networking Event at Summerhall on August 16th at 10:30 AM.
You can find Xela at Fringe University on Facebook.


Fringe University


Last but certainly not least, Dr Chris Hooley, a senior lecturer in theoretical condensed matter physics at the University, is performing a one-man monologue – Scientist/Landlady/Axe:

In these politically febrile times, one question is on everybody’s lips:

Did Dostoyevsky know something about quantum mechanics that we don’t? 

You’ve surely been to talks about this before; but have you been to one given by a gay Esperanto-speaking theoretical physicist? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Details of the show are on Facebook.

From seventeenth-century scientists to contemporary politics, the St Andrews Fringe programme truly has something to offer everyone and we hope that you will enjoy all that the students have to offer this summer. You can keep up-to-date with the shows over their social media pages or contact any of the groups via the email addresses below.


Mermaids Fringe email:

A cappella Society email:

Blind Mirth email:

Ticketing web addresses


Blind Mirth:


Dante’s History of the Banished:  Dante’s History of the Banished

Fringe as a Classroom: Edinburgh Fringe as a Classroom



Rock and Hunt:

University Professors: University Professors at the Fringe (Networking Event)


A cappella web addresses will be available soon.


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